Syllabus Covered Generally

Diploma in Industrial Safety Management

Industrial Safety Management is a study about Industrial Safety and how to manage the daily activities in every industry, operation, and event within a plant or construction area that constitutes an industrial business. Additionally, the course emphasizes the rules, regulations, and laws that dictate standards and ensure the safety and health of employees.

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Industrial Health and Safety Management
  • Effects of industrial activities on the environment.
  • Prevention of Environmental Pollution.
  • Laws, rules and regulations.
  • Occupational Industrial Hygiene.
  • Task Risk Assessment
  • Permit to Work System.
  • Procedures for Safe System of Work

Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management

The course offers in-depth knowledge of fire and safety engineering. The course ensures an in-depth understanding of the roles of a fire professional which includes fire and rescue, fire watchers, fire safety specialists and the procedures that need to be adhered to during a fire investigation. Fire Engineering dives deep into the understanding of the science of fire and how it affects buildings and structures.

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Occupational Fire and Safety.
  • Electrical Safety.
  • Fire Engineering – Prevention and Control
  • Dynamics of Fire, spreading and its effects on buildings and structures.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Control of Fire Hazards in Oil and Gas, petrochemical and offshore industries.
  • Fire…

Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management

The course offers knowledge and understanding about the complexities of a workplace and how to manage health and safety in an ever-changing situation or environment. This course includes imparting knowledge to students and enables them to apply their knowledge in real-time scenarios and also helps to instill confidence and competence that is required by highly sought employees all over the world. The course includes decision-making skills, task risk assessment strategies, methods and also compliance with rules and regulations concerning different regulatory bodies.

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Principles of Health and Safety.
  • Incident Investigation Methods.
  • Task Risk Assessment and Evaluation of R…

Diploma in Health Safety and Environment Management

Aside from health and safety, environmental management is a requirement that must be met under legal regulations. Also, every employer has a moral obligation to protect the very nature in which we live.

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Environmental Management in the workplace.
  • Environmental Laws, regulations and legislation concerning workplace activities.
  • Moral reasoning of industrial activities towards the environment.
  • Prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Emergency plans and procedures concerning environmental pollution.
  • Waste Management.
  • Efficient use of energy sources.

Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

This program aims at providing knowledge to those who wish to build and progress, a stepping stone or an entry-level into the Oil and gas field. This course will boost your chances of a career in oil and gas across the globe.

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Principles of health and safety management.
  • Hydro Carbon & Process Safety Management
  • Fire and Safety Engineering.
  • Offshore platforms and rigs safety Engineering
  • Legal Requirements and Legislation.
  • Fundamentals of petroleum production and safety engineering.
  • Well pad construction and operation.
  • Understanding of Oil and Gas Business.

Diploma in Aviation Safety and Airport Management

Syllabus Covered:-

  • Aviation Safety Management System
  • Recording and Review of Safety Statistics.
  • Rules, Laws and Regulatory Bodies.
  • Develop and implement State Safety Program (SSP).
  • Air Traffic Safety System.
  • Aircraft Safety Systems.
  • Airport Safety.
  • Aviation Security

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