About Us

Welcome to MVJ academy

MVJ Academy of Safety And Professional Studies ® is an ISO 9001-2015 certified academy affiliated with the Educational Board of Vocational Training & Research an autonomous board of Vocational Education Registered with the Government Of Maharashtra And the Government Of India. (National Skill Development & All Education Activities Training Association Certified Board) is an organization founded to meet the need for safety education and training for the candidates of India and abroad. For industries to survive, quality candidates in safety are in high demand. We provide a distinguished education in safety and deliver practically trained candidates.

Moreover, we aim at making candidates with thorough knowledge both theoretically and practically for the nation to ensure secure working conditions for industry and workers.

MVJ ACADEMY OF SAFETY thinks in a different way to deliver quality and friendly education in safety to the candidates according to the industrial environment demands. Today safety is an integral part of any industry. Neglect of safety at any stage results in disaster to industries, loss of human life, and prevents the development of the country. MVJ ACADEMY OF SAFETY has been realized about the total loss of industries due to these contingencies and crises and developed a productive remedy to overcome any situation for the candidates.

The aim of MVJ ACADEMY OF SAFETY aims to deliver admirable and remarkable education to the candidates from our excellent training division and mould them to face all circumstances in the safety sector.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be the cornerstone of excellence in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental Education.

To set and meet the global standards of training provided in the industry.

Safety is as good as the safety professional who manages it. We intend to provide high quality education imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge which is unparalleled and close to the core of the industry.

To be on par with the latest technical, procedural and scientific knowledge hence able to provide an unabridged solution to any situation or obstacles that arises in foreseeable future.

To create a community that empowers diverse leaners into single minded global platform enabling productive communication and coordination under the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the upliftment and development of Health, Safety and Environmental Education.